Our PVC shutters come in solid PVC with an aluminium core for stability and carry a 10 year warranty. They are low maintenance and allergy free and allow excellent control of light and airflow. PVC Shutters also offer privacy and are a great insulator assisting with the reduction of energy costs.

Our PVC Shutters are perfect for any room including high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and are easily cleaned and maintained.

This Australia made PVC shutters is coming in classic White color only, painted with UV protective coating, for crucial Australian weather.



Material PVC w/ Aluminium Reinforced
Color Classic White
Louver Width 89mm
Louver Control Clear View
Style Hinge Open, Bi-Fold Top Mount, Sliding Top Mount, Barn Door Top Sliding
Maximum Single Panel Width Hinge&Bi-Fold 65cm, Sliding&Barn Door 95cm
Order Processing Time Average 10 Days
UV Protection Coating Yes
Safety Standard Compliance Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008: 110 – 314

EN71 Part 3: 1994 + A1:2000 + AC:2002

PVC w/ Aluminium Reinforced

Ideal for north or south facing street windows which takes most sunlight, due to its none wasp and UV coated finish

Also good for kitchen, bathroom as its highly water resistance

Its purely artificial product, and have no impact to environment compared with wooden shutters

Louver/Blade Width

89cm (3-1/2”) is most common width
See pics – how the width affect the view

63cm (2-1/2”) is ideal for small windows

114cm (4-1/2”) is most likely used for commercial project

Louver Control

A tilt rod in the front of shutter, or can be placed off central – either left or right

A metal mechanism hidden in the back of shutters, controls the louver moving up and down. Its invisible in the front, give you a clear view compared with traditional Front Tilt Control

Hinge Open

This is most popular and common way to mount your plantation shutters, you can have one or more panels to fit into a single window opening. Each panel is hinged on one side, and open/close another side.

You can have your panels hinged on our shutter frames or directly hinged on your existing windows
See pics below for reference


For large windows or doors, bi-fold may be a perfect solution, you can fold two panels or up to 4 panels to one side of window or door, to gain a clear view. With a top mount track, and bottom glide, you will have smooth open and close operation

Bi Fold Plantation Shutters make a wonderful addition to any home. These shutters can be used for extra wide openings, allowing you to add a door where you normally couldn’t. With their classic and cultured look, they can also be used to hide unsightly screen doors, like room dividers giving your home the elegant style you’ve been looking for.

Sliding Door

Sliding is only applicable for large door where you can get two or more panels sliding on a top mounted runner track with bottom glide

Many people are looking for something like this these days for their patio doors and sliding glass doors.

Barn Door

Barn door is a not a new thing. Its a good replacement for normal door. More attractive and control over light and air flow.

We offer runner track mounted right above your door frame, with black finish which is perfect match to a white finished shutter door

Two runners sit on a track, you can easily slide door left and right.

For large door opening, two panels can be used

If you door is 90cm wide you need a 180cm clearance above the door frame for track installation

If you door is over 180cm, you need 360cm clearance

Barn shutter can be also used on windows, as long as you have enough clearance above the window for long track

Due to heavy weight, the track has to be mounted on the wall stud. In case no stud behind assembly hole, we can manually place a timber between wall and track, but it does cost extra also you may wish to paint the timer to give a good match

Visit our showroom for all your shutter and blind needs or we come to you home for free check measure and quote.