Shutter Materials

At Plantation Shutters, our shutters come in the widest choice of different physical materials in the UK.

We offer a wide range of options when it comes to what your shutters are made of, finished with the highest Plantation Shutters Ltd quality is guaranteed. Having versatility and diversity in our range is there to allow for every seemingly daunting job to be eradicated with ease and experience.

Our range of materials are designed to suit all budgets, starting from entry-level Craftwood MDF to our premium FSC® certified White Teak. Whether you are looking for shutters with robust security features, waterproof requirements or a classic timber shutter, discover our range and more information about each material below:

Craftwood MDF Shutters

An affordable, first-class innovative manufactured product with a dense, durable and smooth finish. Resistant to chipping, cracking, fading and warping.

Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood offers great value for money with fantastic build quality not to mention its price which is quite affordable.

White Teak Shutters

A premium and clean straight-grained wood that is uniform in colour and chosen for its stability and proven resistance to warping.

Pearlwood Shutters

Pearlwood is derived from the Paulownia tree. A very light hardwood which is intensively hand sanded and coated with fine layers of stain or paint for a brilliant lustrous finish.

Permawood Shutters

Permawood is manufactured from ABS (a hard, lightweight plastic) and is ideally suited to wet rooms or rooms that have condensation or humidity issues as it is 100% waterproof.

Silkwood Shutters

Silkwood is a hardwearing, cost-effective shutter that has an availability of 28 perfect paint finishes for you to choose from.

Economy MDF Shutters

This is the latest addition to our range and is designed to suit most budgets. The same quality as the other materials but fewer options.

* Available with 57mm stile only.

Aluminium Security Shutters

Aluminium Security Shutters offer a stylish and aesthetically pleasing window treatment without compromising on security.

Hinge Open

This is most popular and common way to mount your plantation shutters, you can have one or more panels to fit into a single window opening. Each panel is hinged on one side, and open/close another side.

You can have your panels hinged on our shutter frames or directly hinged on your existing windows
See pics below for reference


For large windows or doors, bi-fold may be a perfect solution, you can fold two panels or up to 4 panels to one side of window or door, to gain a clear view. With a top mount track, and bottom glide, you will have smooth open and close operation

Bi Fold Plantation Shutters make a wonderful addition to any home. These shutters can be used for extra wide openings, allowing you to add a door where you normally couldn’t. With their classic and cultured look, they can also be used to hide unsightly screen doors, like room dividers giving your home the elegant style you’ve been looking for.

Sliding Door

Sliding is only applicable for large door where you can get two or more panels sliding on a top mounted runner track with bottom glide

Many people are looking for something like this these days for their patio doors and sliding glass doors.

Barn Door

Barn door is a not a new thing. Its a good replacement for normal door. More attractive and control over light and air flow.

We offer runner track mounted right above your door frame, with black finish which is perfect match to a white finished shutter door

Two runners sit on a track, you can easily slide door left and right.

For large door opening, two panels can be used

If you door is 90cm wide you need a 180cm clearance above the door frame for track installation

If you door is over 180cm, you need 360cm clearance

Barn s `hutter can be also used on windows, as long as you have enough clearance above the window for long track

Due to heavy weight, the track has to be mounted on the wall stud. In case no stud behind assembly hole, we can manually place a timber between wall and track, but it does cost extra also you may wish to paint the timer to give a good match.

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