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Plantation Shutters Repair - aaa plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters Repair

Plantation Shutters may be the only window treatment adding value to your property.So when a plantation shutter gets broken or damaged (don’t panic, it happens), what do you do? We saw lots of our customers use sticky tape or blue tack to temporally hold them until one day they wont tolerate appearance and inconvenience before they come to us for a repair.

More often than not, your plantation shutter’s injury is not fatal. Earlier action is better before its too late and it will cause your more for replacement than repair.

Before you read problems below we encountered for years, better you see the parts listing as following so we you make call, we know which part you are talking about

Problem #1: Broken Louver

Having a broken louver is one of the most unsightly problems you can have with your plantation shutters. A louver falling out of place is an eyesore, it lets in unwanted light, and it’s quite frankly annoying. But, hey, accidents happen and they can be fixed. Would you believe the most common cause of broken and damaged louvers is dogs chewing on them? True story. But who can stay mad at a cute puppy face? Not us!

Solution : When you have a broken louver, just call AAA . We will measure the louver to be replaced, manufacture a new one and install it right in your home. Most likely there is no need to remove the entire shutter unless space in your room block us to do so. Hopefully by that time the puppy has graduated to real dog toys.

Problem #2: Louver has “Popped” out of place

Sometimes, louvers can become dislodged from their place in the shutter, but the louvers themselves are not broken. We are not naming any names, but children hanging from the shutters and swinging on them like a ride, and husbands hanging their pants directly on the plantation shutters have been linked to this problem.

Solution  : Assume you have louver in sound condition w/o damage, we will come to you to remove the louvers and re-position them back with pins or ours if its missing. We will drill holes if required to make the pin fit into your stile holes. An installer will most likely be able to replace the louver pins and repair the shutter at your home.

Problem #4: Louvers Won’t Stay Open

This one’s easy. When louvers won’t stay open, nine times out of ten, the problem can be fixed by adjusting the louver tension. In case the louver is broken in the middle, there may gave no way to fix, but you have to replace whole louver.

Solution  : It’s as simple as using a Philips head screwdriver to turn the tension screws, which are located on both sides of the shutter panel.

Problem #5: Broken Frame or Shutter Panel

If the actual shutter panel is broken or if the frames of your shutters are broken or damaged, it’s always better to call a professional rather than attempt a repair yourself. This is a pretty rare occurrence, but there have been instances of shutters being damaged during furniture delivery or home repair work. One client even called to tell us that her son had lost control of the golf cart, rammed into the side of the house, breaking the window and demolishing the plantation shutters inside. He was fine, thank goodness, but the shutters did require professional attention.

Solution  : Just give us a call and we will gladly assess the situation.

Problem #6: Need Shutters Removed and Re-installed Later

When it comes time to replace the actual windows in your home, it will be necessary to completely uninstall the plantation shutters and frames and reinstall them when the new windows are completed. In some cases, new frames will be required if the old ones can’t be salvaged.

Solution  : We need to bring tool to sand the frame or make new frame for you, just give us a call

Problem #7: Shutters Need to be Repainted

We are asked all the time if plantation shutters can be repainted. The answer is yes! Whether you are changing the color scheme of your home or simply think your shutters need a little freshening up after many years of service, repainting shutters is common.

Solution  : Our installers will come to your home and remove the shutter panels, but not the frames. We will professionally spray the shutters the color of your choice and reinstall them. The frames will stay attached to your window jamb and will be repainted by your own painter. You’ll be amazed at how freshly painted shutters brighten up a room.

As you can see, there is hope for your plantation shutters if they have been damaged. So don’t panic, just use this guide to decide whether you will tackle the repair yourself or call a professional. Either way, your shutters will be there for you for many years to come.

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