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PVC Plantation Shutters in Melbourne –

For the best price PVC plantation shutters, look no further than AAA Plantation Shutters. PVC Shutter is ideal for all room including bathroom, kitchen, toilet, and laundry. We’ve got both PVC shutters for windows exterior to your house and PVC window shutters interior to your residence. Wherever you need PVC shutters, we can custom design a solution for you. Our free check, measure and quote will give us the information we need to create perfectly fitting PVC plantation shutters in Melbourne for your dwelling.

The Highest Quality PVC Shutters Online

You can buy our best price PVC plantation shutters online or via our showroom in Melbourne. Whether you buy PVC shutters online or in person, you can be assured of their high quality. We manufacture PVC shutters in our own factory based in Melbourne, meaning we have complete control over the quality of our products, and you have peace in mind with local warranty.

Low Maintenance with a 10 Year Warranty

Our PVC plantation shutters in Melbourne come in solid PVC with an aluminium core for stability. We stand by the quality of our work by offering you a 10 year warranty. Our PVC shutters online and in our showroom are all low maintenance, saving you time, hassle and money. They’re also allergy free, allowing for easy breathing for the whole family.

The Benefits of PVC Plantation Shutters in Melbourne

Have full control over the amount of light and air reaching the rooms of your home with PVC window shutters for your interior. PVC shutters can also be used to create greater privacy, whether by using shutters indoors or using PVC shutters for windows exterior to the residence. You can additionally reduce energy costs by taking advantage of the insulating abilities of PVC plantation shutters.

Our PVC plantation shutters in Melbourne are perfect for any room, including high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, and they’re easily cleaned and maintained. Our high-quality, 100% Australian made PVC shutters come in the colour Classic White, which is chic and suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications. They’re also painted with UV protective coating so they’ll last in all Australian weather conditions.

Types of PVC Plantation Shutters Melbourne – Made in Our Factory

PVC with Reinforced Aluminium Shutters

  • Good for north or south facing street windows
  • Can handle a lot of sunlight due to UV coated finish
  • Useful in kitchens and bathrooms due to water resistance

Louver/Blade Width Shutters

  • Great for smaller windows, doors, closets and room dividers
  • Short width of louver creates more privacy
  • Perfect for an area with a lot of walk by traffic

Louver Control Shutters

  • Controlled via a metal mechanism hidden at back of shutters
  • Clear view of shutters at front for a cleaner look

Hinge Open Shutters

  • Most popular way to mount plantation shutters
  • One or more panels to fit into a single window opening
  • Each panel is hinged on one side and opens/closes on other side
  • Can hinge shutters onto existing windows

Bi-Fold Shutters

  • Perfect solution for large windows or doors
  • Can fold multiple shutter panels to one side of window or door
  • Can be used for extra wide openings
  • Used to hide screen doors and add elegance

Sliding Door Shutters

  • Applicable for large doors with 2 or more panels on top mounted runner track
  • Suitable for patio doors or sliding glass doors

Barn Door Shutters

  • A door replacement that offers more control over light and airflow
  • Glide door left and right
  • Two panels can be used to suit a large door opening
  • Can also be used on windows

For PVC Shutters Online and in Melbourne, Choose AAA Plantation Shutters

Whether you want to buy PVC shutters online or pop into our showroom in Melbourne, we’re always happy to help you find what you need. Our staff members are all experts on PVC plantation shutters in Melbourne and can answer any questions you may have. To get answers now, call us today on 1300 880 196.

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For all your shutter and blind needs or we come to you home for free check measure and quote.