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This is most popular and common way to mount your plantation shutters. You can have one or more panels to fit into a single window opening where each panel is hinged on one side, and opens or closes on the other side.

You can have your panels hinged on our shutter frames or directly hinged on your existing windows. See pics below for reference

Popular Shutter Materials

Like the majority of shutters, a range of materials can be used to manufacture the right look for your home – see below 👇


Extremely moisture resistant PVC Plantation Shutters made as Eco-friendly as possible, designed to last for years and years to come.


Sharing the same features at Polyeco, what makes Polyelite different is the colours that are available to be made in.


Basswood has a very attractive, fine texture, meaning that the finished shutters have a uniform, smooth finish which adds to the beauty of the shutter.


A powder coated shutter material that is more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes.

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