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Shutter Collection - aaa plantation shutters


AAA Shutters has its own manufacturing factory in Melbourne with fastest order delivery tie. Explore our collections and see which shutter choice is right for you.

Our shutters come in different physical materials. We offer a wide range of options when it comes to what your shutters are made of and finished of. Having versatility and diversity in our range is there to allow for every seemingly daunting job to be eradicated with ease and experience.
Whether you are looking for shutters with robust security features, waterproof requirements or a classic timber shutter, discover our range and more information about each material below:


Natural Wood Shutters

Elegant, custom plantation shutters made from top quality basswood

Traditional shutter material and allows for larger size panels. Wood shutters come in a great variety of colors, can also be painted and stained. Traditional woods used for shutter production are basswood. Wood is very easy to handle and made to none regular shape like oval, arch tops, and sunbursts etc, while wood does not handle prolonged moisture exposure well. Wood shutters can also warp, crack and fade under extreme heat and direct sunlight.  See more details

PVC Shutters w/ Aluminium Reinforced Cores


PVC synthetic shutter is a near indestructible core, capable of taking whatever your busy lifestyle can dish up

PVC shutters use an advanced synthetic engineered material, designed specifically to cope with moisture, heat and UV rays, without peeling, warping, denting or chipping. This makes it suitable to all areas including wet or high traffic areas – places where Timber Shutters might not be the best option. However, the disadvantage of the PVC shutter, due to weight restrictions, limits them to narrower panels and a smaller maximum size.

Presenting a sleek, high quality appearance, available in five fashion colors, PVC synthetic shutters have been engineered to hold their shape without warping or sagging. Their insulating qualities against noise, cold and heat are excellent – you will also benefit from the longevity and environmental benefits of quality synthetic material, see more details

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Aluminium is a wonderful shutter material because its light, strong and remarkably durable and offers your lots of benefit while others cannot

Aluminium Louvre Shutters are ideal to enclose an outside patio or balcony, virtually creating another room. An Aluminium Louvre shutter can create privacy from neighbour. Aluminium louver shutters enclose a balcony whilst still having total control over airflow and sunlight, but still give you the versatility to open the balcony shutter up if needed. Aluminium Shutters will allow you to control the sunlight and heat coming from certain directions easily with the tilt of the louver blades.

See more details

The Bottom Line

So with all of that said, which material is right for you?  Wood plantation shutters are the preferred material for those customers who wish to get a match stain color to match your existing window or floor, however PVC shutter does give your longer life due to its purely artificial material and can be used at almost any room including wet areas. Aluminium is most durable and expensive as well, and its ideal for outdoor areas as well as indoor if you are willing to pay more. We will evaluate your home and your situation to make the recommendation that’s right for you.

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